Friday, August 17, 2012

GAIA Skincare Line - Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review a range of products from Gaia Skin Naturals baby and preganancy range. If you have not heard much about GAIA, this company was started by an Australian mom looking for a better product for her child who had sensitive skin and developed eczema when he was 8 weeks old.  

As a mom of 2 little girls, I am careful to choose products that are safe for them. Gaia skin care range is free from artificial fragrances, soap, sulphates, petrochemicals, mineral oils, parabens, propylene glycol and other ingredients that are known to cause dryness and skin irritation. They use ingredients that are certified organic which is something that I have increasingly come to value.

The first product I tested out on the kids was the Bath and Body wash which is formulated with gentle coconut derived cleansing agents, certified organic sweet orange pure essential oil and skin softening organic oils. It contains no soap or sulphates that can cause dryness and leaves a gentle scent on the girls after bath time.Only a small squirt is needed each time so a bottle lasts a long time.

Product: Baby Bath and Body Wash
RRP: SGD 19.50
Pros: Smells lovely
Cons: Quite pricey compared to other organic brands but each bottle lasts a long time

The Baby Shampoo smells similar to the Body Wash since it has the sweet orange essential oil in addition to evening primrose and chamomile which I absolutely adore. 

Product: Baby Bath and Body Wash
RRP: SGD 19.50
Pros:  I love it. You do not need much so a bottle lasts a long time. I have started using it on my hair as well and I love it. It is so much better than other shampoos I have used as I have a very sensitive scalp.
Cons: nil
Considered a hot favourite, the baby moisturiser is a blend of natural, organic extracts and skin softening organic oils to moisturise rough, flaky patches of skin, and to protect against dryness. It is a great moisturizer that is extremely light. It absorbs quickly and does not feel oily. I use this on myself given that my skin tends to get very dry as I work in an air-conditioned environment. I would definitely take this body along with me when I travel to dry winter climates.

Product: Baby Moisturiser
RRP: SGD 20.90
Pros:  Easily absorbed by the skin, great smell, doesn't irritate sensitive dry skin
Cons:  A little bit expensive, only comes in small bottles.

Another hot favourite that moms love from their baby range is the skin soothing lotion. This is essentially a diaper cream but is also a great multi-purpose calming lotion that can be used from top to toe on any areas that need soothing. It is suitable for use on mosquito bites, scratches as well as soften and care for skin that is affected by eczema and nappy rash. Perfect as a bum cream to keep tiny bums nice and soft! I use it on my feet to soothe and moisturise my feet and minimise blisters whenever I wear heels.

Product: Skin Soothing Lotion
RRP: SGD 18.30
Pros:  An all natural product, good for dry feet and small areas. Smells lovely just like all of Gaia's products.
Cons:  Slightly greasy
I cannoth imagine life with kids without wet wipes. I use them ALL THE TIME! GAIA's wet wipes are made from bamboo which is naturally antibacterial. The wipes are 100% biodegradable and will degrade in 14 days after use. These wipes smell clean and natural. They do a fantastic job of cleaning up as they are so soft, fine but durable.  

Product: Bamboo Wipes (80pcs)
RRP: SGD 12.90
Pros:  Environmentally friendly, gentle, biodegradable and good quality.
Cons:  Slightly pricey and hard to get one out of the packet

And finally, the last product that I tested out from GAIA was the Pure Pregnancy Belly Butter. GAIA Pure Pregnancy Belly Butter has been developed to maintain skin suppleness and elasticity, keep skin moisturised to decrease itchiness, reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks, and keep skin soft and smooth. The rich and nourishing body lotion is non-greasy and contains pure cocoa butter and organic shea butter to replenish the skin, organic rosehip and organic wheat germ oils to assist with skin elasticity, and help smooth lines and scars. 
Product: Pure pregnancy belly butter
RRP: SGD 29.90
Pros:  Absorbs quickly  Comes with an easy to use flip top lid
Cons:  slightly pricey but good quality

After trying out their products, I would definitely recommend GAIA to all parents who are concerned about using manmade chemicals on their baby's skin. True, the product is a little pricey but each bottle goes a long way. You can be assured that you are using something that is safe and gentle for your kids and hey, yourself too!

A limited range of GAIA's products will be coming soon to Pupsik Studio. Stay tuned!

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