Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tula Rex Blankets

Tula Rex blankets are finally coming to Pupsik! Guess what, because we got so many this time, there will be no need for pre-order draws, min purchases, etc. Everyone who wants will be able to just login to our store and simply purchase one!

Stocks expected in 1-2 weeks!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Ju-Ju-be Kaiju City, Sweet Scarlet, New items launch on Sep 13, 3pm

Most Kaiju City and DSS items have already been distributed via pre-order allocation draw, so our launch on Sep 13, 3pm will be limited to the remaining items below.

Selling rules:
  1. Purchase limit - 1 per SKU per customer account for all remaining KC and DSS items. So you can buy 1 x Be Rich DSS + 1 Megatech KC + 1 Megatech DSS, but you cannot buy 2 x Be Rich DSS.
  2. No VIP or any other discounts or coupon codes apply to remaining DSS and KC items
  3. Non-KC and non-DSS items: there is not purchase limit and standard discounts apply
Note that we still have a small number of KC Minibes, Be Sets, Be Quicks left in stock, but these will be released separately in Phase 2 launch (some time after Sep 16), after all pre-ordered items are distributed to customers. Watch out for our further announcements.

The list of items launching on Sep 13, 3pm:
  1. Be Right Back    Classic    Sweet Scarlet
  2. B.F.F    Classic    Sweet Scarlet
  3. B.F.F    tokidoki    Kaiju City
  4. Be Classy    Classic    Sweet Scarlet
  5. Be Classy    tokidoki    Kaiju City
  6. HoboBe    Classic    Sweet Scarlet
  7. Super Be    Onyx    Black Widow
  8. Be Neat     tokidoki    Kaiju City
  9. Be Quick    Classic    Sweet Scarlet
  10. Paci Pod    tokidoki    Kaiju City
  11. Be Connected    Onyx    Onyx
  12. Be Ready    tokidoki    Donutellas Sweet Shop
  13. Be Ready    Legacy    THE DUCHESS                
  14. Be Ready    Legacy    Queen of the Nile
  15. Be Organized    tokidoki    SPACE PLACE                
  16. Be Organized    Legacy    THE ADMIRAL               
  17. Be Organized    Legacy    THE DUCHESS
  18. Be Organized    Onyx    BLACK DIAMOND   
  19. MicroTech    Legacy    THE DUCHESS
  20. MegaTech    tokidoki    SPACE PLACE               
  21. MegaTech    tokidoki    Donutellas Sweet Shop
  22. MegaTech    tokidoki    Kaiju City
  23. MegaTech    Legacy    THE DUCHESS
  24. MegaTech    Onyx    BLACK DIAMOND   
  25. Be Rich    tokidoki    SPACE PLACE              
  26. Be Rich    tokidoki    Kaiju City
  27. Be Rich    Legacy    THE DUCHESS
  28. Be Rich    Legacy    Queen of The Nile
  29. Be Rich    Onyx    BLACK DIAMOND  
  30. Be Spendy    tokidoki    SPACE PLACE              
  31. Be Spendy    Legacy    THE DUCHESS          
  32. Be Spendy    Onyx    BLACK DIAMOND  
  33. Be Charged    tokidoki    SPACE PLACE     
  34. Be Charged    tokidoki    Kaiju City
  35. Be Charged    Onyx    BLACK DIAMOND      

Monday, September 5, 2016

Ju-Ju-Be Kaiju City & New Items Pre-Order

Kaiju City and many new Ju-Ju-Be items are officially launching on Sep 13, 3pm. But this time round, we decided to relieve at least some stress and release most popular items on pre-order. Pre-order ends Tuesday, Sep 6, midnight.

To enter pre-order, you need to have an account with Pupsik Studio and either a) have a purchase at our store in the past 3 months (June 1 - Sep 6) or b) spent at least $1000 in the past 1 year. It is not necessary to be a VIP member. If you have not purchased from us in the past 3 months, you can still qualify as long as you purchase something before the end of the draw.

All other details are in the link below. Good luck everyone!