Monday, May 17, 2010

The winner of our 64 pc Plus Plus Maxi is.....

I roped in my 2 little helpers at home to construct a fort from a 64pc Plus Plus Maxi set to defend against a herd of dinosaurs.We stuck the names of all the participants in this giveaway on the fort and randomly selected 20 names to be stuck on a dart board behind to find our winner. Is your name on the dart board?
Vera had the honour of throwing the dart to find our lucky winner....Want to know who won? Watch the video below to find out!

Dear winner, please contact me to claim your prize. If it is unclaimed within 7 days, this prize will roll over to our next giveaway! Thank you to all the 200+ participants for joining the fun!

ps: Don't miss our next 2 giveaway on our facebook when we hit 900 fans!

Cool food portioners

I was recently asked to review a very cool-looking food portioner by Brother Max.

Designed like little ice cubes that click together to attach, all you have to "un-click" a cube from the rest in the freezer, defrost in microwave, serve food straight from the pot and viola! I find this really convenient since I usually freeze concentrated soup stock which I use to add to porridge for that added nutrition and taste for the kids.I love the fact that the little pots click on and off easily. Its "lego-like" design means that you can configure it any way you like and even stack them up to optimise your freezer space. Each blocks is designed with easy open lids that lift up but also close firmly so it is great for travel without having to worry about spilling. Plus there is a pen included for you to write what you have freezed (important cos all frozen food look kinda the same!).

These portioners are wonderful to have when you are weaning as it conveniently stores pre-prepared food purees neatly in the freezer and all you have to do is "unclick" and pop in your diaper bag when you are planning to go out. The lids also keep out potentially unpleasant fridge odour from your precious baby food. Neat!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Featured on My Paper

We were proudly featured in today's issue of My Paper. How exciting!

You can click on the image above for an enlarged version of the article. I am called the "Carrier Woman"(!)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Results of the 2010 "Pupsik in a Pouch" Contest!!

Now the moment that we have all been waiting for! The results of our contest here! After counting over 3000+ votes, we have found 3 winners with the highest number of votes received that will each walk away with a photo package, as well as a gift hamper worth more than $150 from us at Pupsik Studio!

Drumroll please..............!

In no particular order, the first baby to receive the top 3 highest number of votes is.........#37 Baby Ayden, the adorable baby of Mom Yee Lin! Clap clap clap!!!!!
Isn't Ayden with that little cheeky wink in the pouch absolutely adorable? It is no wonder that this pic has captured the hearts of our voters! Congratulations Ayden! I am quite sure you will grow up to be one heartbreaker! For now, your fans have won for you an indoor photo package from Studio Loft, in addition to a gift hamper worth more than $150 from Pupsik Studio!

The second baby with the higest number of votes is....................#2 Baby Eva, the uber cool baby of Mom Mabel! Clap clap clap!!!Don't those shades absolutely match the cool lime green and aqua of the pouch that Mabel is sunbathing in during a trip to the zoo. I am sure that with Mom Mabel's influence, Eva will grow up to be some wardrobe fashionista! Congratulations Baby Eva! Your fans have won for you an outdoor photo package from Pink Elephant Labs, in addition to a gift hamper worth more than $150 from Pupsik Studio!

And the last but definitely no least baby with the most number of votes for our contest this year is #17 Baby Rayanne, baby of Mom Rachel! Clap clap clap!!
The active Mom Rachel apparently slings her baby in a pouch almost wherever she goes and draws stares from adoring passers-by (see that woman peering from behind the pillar in the pic above??) Congratulations Baby Rayanne! Your fans have won for you an indoor photo package from Pink Elephant Labs, in addition to a gift hamper worth more than $150 from Pupsik Studio!

So we have it! Our 3 adorable babies with the highest number of votes this year! I would have to say that this was a very close fight with some of the other contestants that also drew quite a formidable mind-blowing number of votes! Some real fans your babies have! Thank you all for participating and making this contest so exciting for all. I will continue to leave all your pictures in our online photo gallery for all to admire!And a big thank you to our sponsors from Pink Elephant Labs and Studio Loft for partnering us and so generously sponsoring the packages for our contest this year! If you would like to have some memorable pictures taken of your babies or families, I highly recommend that you check out the very reasonable photo packages offered by Pink Elephant Labs and Studio Loft. They specialise in pregnancy and children photography and will be sure to help you capture memories of your journey with your kids that you will treasure for a lifetime.
(above) Gifts for our winners prepared in the gift hamper from Pupsik Studio, Pink Elephant Labs and Studio Loft.

ps: Winners, please drop me an email to claim your prize! x