Monday, July 30, 2012

Phlox Terraniums

Just came across this website put up by a pair of super creative Year 3 Horticulture and Landscape students from Ngee Ann Poly - Hidayah and Amilia. They are selling these adorable mini potted plants in beautful glass containers that they put together. Thought they will make a lovely display in the home or a meaningful gift for your child to give to his/her teacher during teacher's day! 

Do check out their website for more beautful creations and support local talent by buying a mini plant from them!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Art Camp at Abrakadoodle

My 5 year old (Vera) has been attending art classes at Abrakadoodle for the past year and a half. I can't recommend Abrakadoodle enough. It is both structured and non-structured at the same time and is truly one of the most creative art classes for kids that I have come across. 

On Friday each week, Vera looks forward to learning about a different artist's work. Most classes begin with a discussion on a master or contemporary artist or an art genre and demonstration of art techniques. The kids are then free to form their own interpretations of the topic of the day, using a medium that is inspired by the artist or genre.
Vera has always been abstract in her thinking and I really appreciate the fact that the classes at Abrakadoodle does not force upon any single rigid definition of what constitutes art. The teachers involve children in what is known as Process Art. They help children to explore, create and develop thier own original ideas by providing the kids with the inspiration, materials, guidance and tools to be creative. 
Example of Process Art. When we think about art instruction, we often think about the outcome - "What a nice painting you created, Molly." But what is really important is what Molly learned as she created her art. What she learned in the "process." That's Process Art - Art that places the emphasis upon the learning taking place
What I also love about the class is the "Show and Tell" session at the end of each class where parents are invited to join the class to watch each young artist present their own work. As a shy girl, this was initially quite a struggle for Vera but she has learnt to speak up and not be afraid to talk about her own artwork.
At the end of the class, each artwork is beautifully placed in a frame for the child to take home. This makes it very easy to display at home or even give away to loved ones.

Super Hero!
Last June, I enrolled Vera in the Kids on Canvas camp which is a fabulous class for kids who want to learn all about painting. During the class, she was taught to use a variety of brushes to mix and layer colors on canvas using acrylic and created 6 beautiful pieces of art work in 3 days.

Showing off her work with her classmates from the art camp

I would definitely recommend you check out Abrakadoodle if you are looking for a fun and creative art class for your child. The classes are reasonably priced and great for children of many ages starting from as young as 2. Their art camps held during school holidays are definitely worth considering if you already take your child to another art school and are looking for a fun activity for your child to be engaged in during the holidays.

For more information about Abrakadoodle and their latest class schedule, do visit their website.