Friday, September 28, 2007

Ask Dr Moz

I was absolutely delighted when Dr Moz sent me an email yesterday telling me about their new blog. Besides having lots of wonderful parenting tips and resources, this blog has a cool section called "DearDrMoz" where you get to throw any questions related to general health, newborns, lifestyle issues, or the best gifts and gear on the market. All you have to do is send Dr Moz an email ( with “Dear Dr.MOZ” as the subject heading and the selected questions will be posted with answers every Friday of the week.
Ok, Dr Moz. My first question for you is...

"What do you do with a baby (i.e. Vera) who doesn't like to wear bibs? Vera ends up all dirty whenever she eats and Mommy is overwhelmed with the laundry that appears after each meal. Is there a cool bib gadget out there that will be fun to wear, easy to clean and difficult for babies to remove themselves? Thank you in advance for answering Mommy Vera's question, Dr Moz."

Pupsik and Dr Moz are exchanging blogroll links so that our readers can cross the continents to see what each corner of the earth has in store for modern parents. You can find the link to their blog on the left column, under PUPSIK friends. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hello Su Ling,

Thanks for the great question, and don't forget to check for the answer at my blog on Monday the 1st!

Have a great weekend,

laissezfaire said...

Thanks Dr Moz!