Thursday, December 20, 2007

Baby Jaden

I was doing some research online for an article about babywearing I am doing for a baby magazine when I came across the story about baby Jaden.

6 month old baby Jaden was born seemingly perfectly healthy. However, he is now diagnosed with a disease called Krabbies that affects the formation of the myelin surrounding the nerves. This poor baby is in constant pain and has been give only a few months to live. Seeing a video of Baby Jaden on his website almost brought me to tears.

Jaden's parents are working hard to keep him comfortable. Apparently, they had bought a sling for him to keep him close to them every second of the day. There are some new drugs that have been used to treat this terrible disease in the UK but the family can’t afford the medical treatment without help. If you can, please pray and consider donating to his medical trust. I know that many of us receive lots of emails like this asking for donations that we can get quite desensitised or even skeptical. If you need more information, check out his website. His parents also keep a blog for him to keep others updated on his progress.

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