Friday, May 15, 2009

Baby Weaning

We have started the process weaning Nadya. She enjoyed her first semi-solid meal of organic brown rice cereal during Easter. Since then, we have introduced other delicacies into her diet bit by bit every 3 days such as pumpkin, oatmeal, bananas, pear etc...

Here is a video showing her enjoying her first mouthful of semi solids after 6 months of breastmilk.

I was chatting with Ann, a former midwife and loyal Pupsik Studio customer, about the subject of weaning a couple of months back. Ann was weaning her own son back then and offered to share her knowledge on "Child-led Weaning" through this blog.

Here is a lovely picture of Ann's son Leo in a Pupsik pouch. (Err...Ann, why did you cut your own head off?)
Another pic showing Ann and Leo with the teething pendant she got from us most recently.

Interview with Ann

1. Hi Ann, can you share a little bit about your background?

I started my nursing in NYP, then went on to the UK to get my nursing degree & worked there for about 1 yr. I was with Mount Alvernia Hospital for about 6+yrs & they sent me to do further studies in Midwifery. I'm now a SAHM to Leo Riki who is 9 months old.

2. Can you tell me briefly about baby-led weaning? What does it mean?
Baby-led weaning (often referred to as BLW) is a method of weaning where baby is in control of his solid food intake by self feeding from the start of the feeding process. As opposed to the parent controlling how much & what the baby consumes.

3. How is this different from just "weaning"?

There are no purees in BLW. Only chunks of food that a baby can hold onto in shapes such as french fries size. The baby is offered the SAME food as what the parent is eating, so long as there isn't any salt added. Baby chooses what he needs & feeds himself. ok leo's screaming for attention. will continue later

(Several weeks later....the interview continues over email...)

4. How do you do it?

Make sure baby is above 6 months of age, & has some what lost the tongue thrust reflex. just sit baby upright, either in a high chair or on your lap & allow baby to choose from what you're eating. best that there isn't any salt added to the food.

5. What advantages does this method have?

Improves dexterity, hand eye co-ordination & strengthens mouth muscles so speech may be earlier. baby chooses & eats according to what he needs. baby will less likely be a fussy eater. it easy, stress free, no purees.

6. Any difficulties moms might encounter and should expect?

There may be some gagging but it's normal & will be experienced by babies who're fed purees. family members may oppose to this method of weaning & believe that purees are best for baby & easier to digest.

7. Anything additional tips?

Relax & enjoy your baby feeding himself & enjoying it too! eating together is ideal so baby can follow you & feel included.

8. Any further web resources and feeding tools to recommend?

Baby-led weaning by Gill Rapley & Tracy Murkett is a great book to read up on as well. A feeding mat is ideal for baby esp when eating out, a bib with a pocket to catch food that baby drops & a plastic sheet beneath the high chair at home to catch food that baby drops for easy clean up & you can give the food back to baby since it's off a clean mat & not the floor.

Oh talking about bibs...I have a great one to recommend moms. Da-Bibs is a wonderfully designed patent pending bib that offers wonderful coverage. I am looking to order a few for Nadya. I did a review on the bibs here before when I was weaning Vera and loved it! Interested to order? Email me at with the subject title Da-Bib to let me know which styles and quantity you want before May 30th. The special pre-order price of the bib will be SGD24.


xniliuh said...

See this video brought me memories when my gal first started taking solids and seeing Vera made me more confident that having a 2nd child might not be that tough after all!! =)

mein™ said...

Goodness gracious Nadya is adorable! These are such precious moments immortalised. Mr Seah sends love to the babies too :p

merry said...

do u still take orders for da bib?

laissezfaire said...

Hi Merry, the preorder is closed but a limited number and designs of dabib is now available on Pupsik Studio!