Thursday, June 18, 2009

Little Milestones

We have had a lot going on over the last few weeks. Besides being busy with many exciting things in store for Pupsik Studio, we have been like any other parents of very young children. A major part of my day is spent taking care of the babies and work usually starts after I put the kids to bed.
Since starting Nadya (above at 8 months) on her semi solid diet a few weeks back, she has progressed to other milestones in her life such as standing in the crib and babbling dada. The little one has been very picky with her food. She somehow can distinguish between the organic food we get from NTUC Fairprice and from the gourmet food stores. Her weekly fresh food intake now arrives in a box from Super Nature. Vera has also started attending play school for 3 hours a day. She seems to really enjoy it.
(above) Mealtime. The food looked so yummy I felt so hungry when I was taking this picture.
(above) Fixing puzzles
(above) drawing on her own leg on her way to school in the car. Imagine my shock when I found her like this when we arrived at school. Point to note: Never leave your child with a marker pen in the car seat.
(above) School trip to the supermarket to learn how to buy groceries

Here is Vera's first school report after starting school for 2 weeks.


Dear Mr Vitali and Tan Su Ling,Vera has been settling quite well in the school setting. She enjoys the outdoors, farm feeding the rabbit, spraying water at plants/trees and the indoor gym.She also enjoys doing art and craft activities and fixing puzzles.She is still having some problem with eating. We will continue to guide her in this.

Teacher XXX
Thank you Teacher XXX!


Gloria said...

Vera: aspiring tattoo artiste?
she is a funny little girl. Hope you manage to clean it off :)

Hwee Kiah said...

Hi Su Ling! Dropping by to say hi and checking on how you and the girls are doing. Vera's tattoo leg really made me laugh. You mean she didn't draw on her uniform and the car seat?
What big milestone that Vera is going to school! I am sure you feel just as excited about her going to school as she is. Take care and hope to catch up with you in person some time. =)

sarah said...

hey how's super nature? does the box really last you for a week?

laissezfaire said...

THe stuff is fresh and good tasting. Some stuff have to be finished fast within the first few days cos no preservatives. The pumpkin lasts more than a week though.