Tuesday, January 26, 2010


At long last, after months of hard work, we have finally managed to work with the St Nicholas Alumnae Association to put together a new fundraising project for the school rebuilding efforts! Thank you all who have been patiently waiting!

To keep everyone to date as to how this all came about, this project started a year ago with this post. With the interest this aroused among many old school girls, this project evolved over the course of a year into a fundraising project to help raise funds for the St Nicholas Girls' School's re-building project.

Whether or not you attended pre-primary at St Nicholas, these adorable vintage uniforms will make a wonderful memorabilia for any old school girl since it represents a unique and significant part of the school's history. A lot of time and effort was spent tracking down the correct fabrics to recreate the uniforms. It is available in one size only and will fit most children age 1 to 3.

A very limited quantity has been made for this fundraising effort so please place your order directly from our website HERE.

ALL net proceeds from the sale will go to the St Nicholas Girls’ School PRIME fund. A list of contributors and the donation amount will be submitted to the Alumnae Association at the close of this fundraiser for the purpose of transparency. If you wish to remain anonymous, please indicate your preference at the comment section at checkout. Thank you all for supporting this effort.

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