Tuesday, February 18, 2020

New to Pupsik: Medela Flex pumps and accessories

New to Pupsik: Medela Flex pumps and accessories. The main difference is the new Flex silicone soft and flexible breast shield that is super comfortable for pumping: sc&order=created_at To support the new Flex shield, there is also new Flex connector and tubing. Note that new Flex system can work on old Medela pumps if you just change all accessories to the Flex accessories. For your convenience, we are offering these as full sets (one for Swing and the other for Swing Maxi). New Swing and Swing Maxi Flex pumps already come with the new Flex accessories. Also note that new Medela Flex Freestyle is launching in Singapore most likely in March. This will be a fully redesigned pump that not only works with Flex accessories but also will have many new exciting features. Stay tuned!

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