Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dr Sears Top Ten Tips for Interactive Play

1. Floor play is fun for two in the early months. Get down on your baby's level for daily interactive playtime.

2. Visual stimulation is important in the early months. Surround your baby with black and white stripes and contrasting patterns.

3. Rhythm and music promote intellectual development. Sing, clap, and dance together everyday.

4. Ball play uses various skills simultaneously. Join your baby on the floor daily for some bouncing and rolling fun.

5. Stay animated during playtime. Exaggerate your facial expressions and voice to your baby's delight.

6. You're never too busy that you can't take at least a few minutes every day for some fun playtime for two.

7. Toys aren't just for keeping your baby busy. Nothing brings a toy to life better than a creatively involved parent.

8. Imagination opens your child's playtime to whole new worlds. Join in yourself and show your child you can be a kid too.

9. Reading to your child is a treasured bedtime ritual. Start this together time early on so your baby will grow to enjoy story time with mom or dad.

10. Bath time can be so much more than a quick wash and dry. Take your time and enjoy some splashing fun with your child.

{tips from Ask Dr Sears}

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