Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Vera's first media release

This was featured in the Straits Times "Life" on 6 May 2007. Vera was all smiles during the photoshoot for this article on "New Immigrants".


oinkoinkallthewayhome said...

"Dobryl Deyn","R"(inverted) "zavyd" BH! Years ago, I studied Russian at the University of calgary, love the language especially the beautiful russian script (perhaps second only to that of chinese calligraphy) and then went to the then CCCP,on a 4 week lauguage summer school at a little place, off the Finnish Bay,40 km from Leningrad. Took in the sights of Moscow, shop at the renown GUM ( wonder if it is stil there), rode the metro mesmerised by the intricate mosaic designs at the stations ,the Red Square, the Kremlin, watched artists at work by the moscow river, ancient Novgorod, the Hermitage, Palace of Fountains, ate lots of caviar(?)... the experience was incredible.
Sad to say, I have lost much of the language but definitely not the interest.

How I got into your blog? My brother highly recommended your dad's blog which I have visited and hence very interested to learn that little vera is not only singaporean but russian as well. Very unique indeed. She is adorable.

laissezfaire said...

Thanks Oinloinkallthewayhome. I had to type your whole name before I understood what it meant! hahaa..=)