Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! We are finally back after a short Christmas and New Year break! We really give thanks to God for a wonderful 2007 and for the precious and fulfilling time I could spend taking care of Vera as a full-time mom over the last year.

It has been a busy few weeks for us. Vera's grandparents from Russia are here with us in Singapore to visit their granddaughter for the first time (see video above)! Vera has definitely taken a liking to them and appears to be picking up the Russian language from them as well!

I have to start the new year by saying a big thank you to all for your encouraging words and support since the recent launch of our Pupsik online store. So far, the store has also been doing well beyond our expectations and we could not have done it without you all out there helping us spread the word about it! While it has been quite a challenge getting everything started (especially while taking care of a one year old baby full-time) I am really thankful to God for friends, family and even online acquaintances who have helped and encouraged me in big ways and small. We are also absolutely delighted to have Pupsik featured in the Jan 08 issue of Young Parents and! Thank you Young Parents and!

God willing, we will continue working on expanding on the range of products, that we firmly believe in as parents, to be offered through the Pupsik online store. Meanwhile, we would love to continue hearing from you and would appreciate any feedback you can give us to improve on our existing products! To reach us, just email us at

Thanks again and stay tuned to Pupsik!

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