Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pupsik Blog - featured in YOUNGPARENTS (Feb)

The recently released February issue of Youngparents did a short feature of the Pupsik blog in an article entitled "How r u grandma". The article was basically about how grandparents use creative ways to keep in touch with their grandchildren in the digital age.

The magazine had learned about Vera's grandparents in Russia and were interested to find out how we kept in touch with them, given the distance and language barrier we had. We shared that other than "talking" over the telephone, we had maintained our "long-distance relationship" though this blog and videos posted on youtube which document Vera's developments, such as "the first time Vera cried because she didn't like our singing, the first time she walked" etc.

I really think that blogging is such an amazing tool to connect with your loved ones and friends both near and afar and is probably one of the greatest cybernet inventions over the last 2-3 years. Am also thankful that this new media has given me the opportunity to know many parents round the world, especially during my early days of adjusting as a new mom at home. Really hope that I will be able to continue bringing interesting finds, articles and new experiences to share with everyone on this blog (not just the grandparents!) =)

Thank you Young Parents for featuring us and thank you readers for reading our blog!

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