Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Product Review - Weego Glass Bottles

With all the scary information out there surrounding leaching chemicals in plastics , it is no wonder why many are making the switch to BPA-free bottles and glass despite the relatively higher price tag.

I recently received a Weego glass bottle for my girls to be used as test subjects. The bottle itself is a glass bottle, with a BPA free cap, nipple and a stylish silicone sleeve that is also BPA free. The sleeve is designed to protect the glass from breakage and also makes holding the bottle with wet hands and tiny baby fingers a lot easier.

I really love the look and feel of glass bottles and my 3 year old was so taken in by the funky bright colour of the bottle that just the thought of drinking milk from it made her so excited! For me, what really bought me over (other than the look) was the safety and practically of the Weego bottles. Frankly, I have tested other brands of glass bottles (also with rubber sleeves) before and got put off by when those bottles started to leak. I also found the rubber sleeves with some of the other cheaper brands a pain to remove and clean. With the Weego bottles, the sleeve was a breeze to remove and slipped out of the glass bottle easily in warm soapy water. And since the bottle was sent to me as a tester, I took the liberty of hurling it on the ground several times to see if it would break. It was a thoroughly liberating process doing so and needless to say, the bottles survived the test and my girls are still drinking from them.

This bottle is currently retailing on Pupsik Studio and comes in 6 six unique colors to personalize and identify your baby's bottle (pink, raspberry, orange, yellow, sky light blue, and ocean dark blue). I personally think the price of these glass bottles is reasonable, considering that you are avoiding all the potentially dangerous chemicals in plastics altogether and those boring-looking BPA-free plastic bottles also cost pretty much the same as these stunning glass bottles anyway. What is more, these weego bottles fits perfectly on a Medela Pump, with both the sleeve and bottle being able to go directly in the freezer for storage. All Weego bottles are also compatible with any standard size nipples. Neat!


Lauren K. said...

Can you put the Weego bottles directly in the freezer with the nipple on them? Is that bad for the nipple and the other pieces? Thanks!

laissezfaire said...

not too sure about this and never can try asking Weego this question if you would like to find out....=)