Monday, June 13, 2016

💖 JuJuBe Donatella Sweet Shop Announcement

JuJuBe Donatella Sweet Shop launch is around the corner! The launch date is June 21 (next Tuesday), but the timing is to be confirmed later. To avoid website crash due to too much traffic, we might release the collection slowly over duration of several hours.

Note that DSS is a limited edition print and will not be restocked once sold out. Due to extreme scarcity, we decided to reward our best customers by limiting the purchase to Pupsik VIP members only. If you are not a VIP member yet, you still have 1 week to beef up your purchases to $200 and become a VIP member just in time for DSS launch.

The way this will work is that all DSS items will appear under a single page: but this page will only be accessible to VIP members and only when these VIP members are logged in (otherwise, we can't check if you are a VIP). If you are not logged in or not a VIP customer, you will receive an error "Page not found" or you might see just an empty page.

If you are not sure whether you are a VIP member, please refer to this help article on how to check:

Other rules and conditions:
  • Only one DSS item per household. Orders with more than one DSS item will be automatically cancelled and refunded to store credit. Multiple orders shipped to the same address will also be cancelled and refunded.
  •  No promotions or discounts can be applied on DSS items. This means 10% VIP discount will not work
  • Singaporean customers only

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