Monday, June 20, 2016

JuJuBe Donatella Sweet Shop Launch Info

JuJuBe Donatella Sweet Shop will be launching on Pupsik on June 21, at a random time during 3-5pm. Initial launch is limited to VIP customers only. Any unsold designs will become available to non-VIP customers on June 22, 9am.

All DSS items will appear under a single page: but this page will only be accessible to VIPs only after they login. If you are not logged in or not a VIP, you will receive an error "Page not found". If you are logged in but see no products under this page, this means the items are not yet launched. Other rules and conditions:
  • Only one DSS item per household (regardless whether bag or accessory). Orders with more than one DSS item will be automatically cancelled and refunded to store credit. Multiple orders shipped to the same address will also be cancelled and refunded.
  • No promotions or discounts can be applied on DSS items. This means 10% VIP discount will not work.
  • Singaporean customers only
Why we don't fix the launch time? The launch time will be random to avoid server crash due to traffic spike which always happens when too many people are trying to access the same page at the same time. Yes, this means some element of luck will be involved, but the same would be true even if we launched at a fixed time, because the server is likely to crash and be restored only at some later (random) time.

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