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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Vera gets a haircut

Whenever I take Vera out, she will never fail to attract scores of aunties on the streets, especially cleaners and store owners. The conversation often goes like this...


Street auntie: Wah, ah yo! Baby hen cute leh! Boy boy hai she ger ger? (Wow, this baby is really cute! Is it a boy or a girl?)

Me: Ger Ger. (She is a girl)

Vera: smiles =)

Street auntie: Wah, hui xiao leh! Hen cute leh! ( Wow, she can smile! She is really adorable!)

Street auntie (looking at me): Tou fa mei you gen ta jian, ah? ( You haven't cut her hair?)

Me: aaah. (yes, I have not cut her hair)


I actually like Vera's hair messy. Like a crazy baby einstein. But I admit her fringe seems to be blocking her vision. Plus it has been getting really hot in Singapore recently. So, I decided that yes, it is time to whip up the scissors.

These are the Before and After shots...

Wanted to give her the uber-short-fringe-avante-garde-cool cut. Nor bad, right? I am a certified hairdresser trained at TCC, aka Thomson Community Centre, ok!

I am keeping the cut hair as a keepsake.