Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Vera and Nadya!

We celebrated Vera's 3rd birthday and Nadya's 1st Birthday at Go Go Bambini's over the weekend. We are grateful to Go Go Bambini for handling all the party details so that we could concentrate on having fun. The girls enjoyed themselves so much at the party house we were worried they would suffer from nightmares during the night with all the running and excitment they had. Thankfully not!
(above) Vera: umm......I could have Fairy bread all day...

Happy Birthday Vera and Nadya!

May you both grow up loving each other and the little blessings each day brings.


Mommy and Daddy


Jamie Tan said...

Thanks for sharing this. Its nice to be able to see my lovely nieces while taking a break from work in the loooooong afternoon.

But my oh my, doesn't Vera look ever so hot and sweaty in the pictures. She was exactly like that when we took her to Macs. She had such a crazy time in the play pen it took quite abit of coaxing to try and get her home!! I should be uploading the videos soon. Just been doing other stuff :)

laissezfaire said... should see how she was when we grabbed her to remove her from the playscape. She was crying and refusing to leave!

Gloria said...

Oh wow, the girls are one year older! Birthday wishes to Vera & Nadya. They look like they are having fun