Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nursery Decals

I came across these gorgeous decals by Australian designer Mae recently. I have seen quite a good deal of wall decals by various designers but you can say it was love at first sight when I saw Mae's fabric decals.
Mae decals are perfect for children as they are removable & completely reusable. The stickers have a premium quality adhesive, so they can be scrunched into a ball and will easily un-scrunch & re-apply to your wall, many times over without damaging it.

(above) Girly Alphabets

(above) Up Up and Away & Summer Doll

Mae is Australian made & owned. What I also love about them is they make a point to keep the environment in mind and their products are sourced from local small businesses. Their packaging is recycled & their stickers use eco inks.

And to add to the list of why I love them, they also produce mini versions of their decals that you can apply on your accessories such as your laptop, books and other personal items. Simply adorable!

Available here.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Choosing the right toy for your child

I am a firm believer that children learn most through play. Giving appropriate toys to a baby stimulates his/ her learning potential. Studies have shown that suitable infant educational toys play an important role in baby's early development. Bright colors, interesting patterns and variety of shapes help stimulate and appeal to the developing senses of your little one.

Here are some pointers, which will help you in knowing and selecting the perfect educational infant toy for your infant.

1. Sight. Research has shown that baby’ eyes are immature at birth and can only focus on contrasting colors like black and white. However, as they grow, they are attracted to bright primary colors. Chose brightly coloured toys such as this and this that are easy to gasp and most importantly safe for your child to chew on.

2. Touch. As your infant grows his/her sense of touch is more developed and this is evident when he starts fiddling with things. When you notice this, it’s important for you to introduce different kinds of textures such as this and this to your baby to stimulate his sense of touch.

3. Hearing. Studies have shown that babies respond well to sounds even before birth. Music can soothe your baby during uncomfortable times. Consider getting a musical toy with a gentle tune to play for your baby even before birth. They will continue to be comforted by the familiar melody they hear from your womb even after they are born. Rattles are also helpful in stimulating baby’s eyes and ears, while at the same time encouraging your little one to lift his/her arms and feet.

4. Taste. You will also notice at one point that your baby will enjoy putting things in their mouths. This is a natural reflex and an important part of their development. Chewing on different materials and shapes stimulates the periodontal membrane under the teeth. This helps promote jaw development which is essential as they start on semi-solid food. It is important to choose teethers that are made from non-toxic materials and are appropriately sized for baby's mouth and hands.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rice Melamine

While looking for cute, high-quality, melamine dishes to use as toddler tableware, I ran across a range of gorgeous and high quality ones designed by a company in Denmark called Rice.

Recently, Nadya has taken to flinging and throwing her food and dishes on the floor. Vera had gone through this stage when she neared her terrible-twos and we managed then with Ikea children’s dishes. With use however, we found that the Ikea plastics got scratched up and worn looking over time which got me very worried about using them.

I did a little research online and found our about the melamine dishes by RICE. A bit of background on melamine: this material is often used to make children's dishes as they are unbreakable, scratch-resistant, dishwasher-safe. They are generally known to be practical and safe, as far as unbreakable plastics is concerned. The only thing is melamine isn't microwave-safe, but I generally avoid popping any plastic containers in the microwave anyways. RICE produces really good quality melamine and what I really like is that the company take a lot of effort to ensure that their products are produced in a socially responsible way. I have completely ditched all my ikea plastics and porcelains after discovering them. They keep very well with heavy use and the best part is, they are all BPA free! YES!

What I also like about RICE, besides being beautiful eye candy, is that the designs are well thought through. The spoon and fork set for instance are smooth around the edges, unless the Ikea ones that tend to be quite sharp (not great if you have a food-stabbing kiddo like mine).

A limited range of Melamine dishes, cups and utensils specially designed for kids, such as the 2-handle cup, set of 6 baby spoons, Room-4 plates, is now available on Pupsik Studio here.

In addition to the melamine tableware, Rice has a lot of other really well designed products such as fabric banners, storage baskets.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The winner of our 64 pc Plus Plus Maxi is.....

I roped in my 2 little helpers at home to construct a fort from a 64pc Plus Plus Maxi set to defend against a herd of dinosaurs.We stuck the names of all the participants in this giveaway on the fort and randomly selected 20 names to be stuck on a dart board behind to find our winner. Is your name on the dart board?
Vera had the honour of throwing the dart to find our lucky winner....Want to know who won? Watch the video below to find out!

Dear winner, please contact me to claim your prize. If it is unclaimed within 7 days, this prize will roll over to our next giveaway! Thank you to all the 200+ participants for joining the fun!

ps: Don't miss our next 2 giveaway on our facebook when we hit 900 fans!

Cool food portioners

I was recently asked to review a very cool-looking food portioner by Brother Max.

Designed like little ice cubes that click together to attach, all you have to "un-click" a cube from the rest in the freezer, defrost in microwave, serve food straight from the pot and viola! I find this really convenient since I usually freeze concentrated soup stock which I use to add to porridge for that added nutrition and taste for the kids.I love the fact that the little pots click on and off easily. Its "lego-like" design means that you can configure it any way you like and even stack them up to optimise your freezer space. Each blocks is designed with easy open lids that lift up but also close firmly so it is great for travel without having to worry about spilling. Plus there is a pen included for you to write what you have freezed (important cos all frozen food look kinda the same!).

These portioners are wonderful to have when you are weaning as it conveniently stores pre-prepared food purees neatly in the freezer and all you have to do is "unclick" and pop in your diaper bag when you are planning to go out. The lids also keep out potentially unpleasant fridge odour from your precious baby food. Neat!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Featured on My Paper

We were proudly featured in today's issue of My Paper. How exciting!

You can click on the image above for an enlarged version of the article. I am called the "Carrier Woman"(!)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Results of the 2010 "Pupsik in a Pouch" Contest!!

Now the moment that we have all been waiting for! The results of our contest here! After counting over 3000+ votes, we have found 3 winners with the highest number of votes received that will each walk away with a photo package, as well as a gift hamper worth more than $150 from us at Pupsik Studio!

Drumroll please..............!

In no particular order, the first baby to receive the top 3 highest number of votes is.........#37 Baby Ayden, the adorable baby of Mom Yee Lin! Clap clap clap!!!!!
Isn't Ayden with that little cheeky wink in the pouch absolutely adorable? It is no wonder that this pic has captured the hearts of our voters! Congratulations Ayden! I am quite sure you will grow up to be one heartbreaker! For now, your fans have won for you an indoor photo package from Studio Loft, in addition to a gift hamper worth more than $150 from Pupsik Studio!

The second baby with the higest number of votes is....................#2 Baby Eva, the uber cool baby of Mom Mabel! Clap clap clap!!!Don't those shades absolutely match the cool lime green and aqua of the pouch that Mabel is sunbathing in during a trip to the zoo. I am sure that with Mom Mabel's influence, Eva will grow up to be some wardrobe fashionista! Congratulations Baby Eva! Your fans have won for you an outdoor photo package from Pink Elephant Labs, in addition to a gift hamper worth more than $150 from Pupsik Studio!

And the last but definitely no least baby with the most number of votes for our contest this year is #17 Baby Rayanne, baby of Mom Rachel! Clap clap clap!!
The active Mom Rachel apparently slings her baby in a pouch almost wherever she goes and draws stares from adoring passers-by (see that woman peering from behind the pillar in the pic above??) Congratulations Baby Rayanne! Your fans have won for you an indoor photo package from Pink Elephant Labs, in addition to a gift hamper worth more than $150 from Pupsik Studio!

So we have it! Our 3 adorable babies with the highest number of votes this year! I would have to say that this was a very close fight with some of the other contestants that also drew quite a formidable mind-blowing number of votes! Some real fans your babies have! Thank you all for participating and making this contest so exciting for all. I will continue to leave all your pictures in our online photo gallery for all to admire!And a big thank you to our sponsors from Pink Elephant Labs and Studio Loft for partnering us and so generously sponsoring the packages for our contest this year! If you would like to have some memorable pictures taken of your babies or families, I highly recommend that you check out the very reasonable photo packages offered by Pink Elephant Labs and Studio Loft. They specialise in pregnancy and children photography and will be sure to help you capture memories of your journey with your kids that you will treasure for a lifetime.
(above) Gifts for our winners prepared in the gift hamper from Pupsik Studio, Pink Elephant Labs and Studio Loft.

ps: Winners, please drop me an email to claim your prize! x

Friday, April 23, 2010

Recycled Crayons

Give your Crayola a new lease of life with this project. These make the perfect size crayons that are chunky and easy for little ones to grab for a crafty project. And it is not that difficult to do! Perfect as a party project for kids!
Materials Needed:
  • Foil cupcake liners or silicone cake molds
  • Bits of crayon
  • Baking sheet
  1. Put the pieces of crayon into cupcake liners or cake molds on a baking sheet. Experiment with different sizes of crayons to get different effects. Little pieces will create a dotted look; large chunks, a bolder look. (And regular crayons tend to run together more than Cray-Pas.)
  2. Set the oven to its lowest setting, and put the baking sheet on the middle tray. Leave it in the oven for about 5 minutes, slightly longer if necessary. (Crayons will melt much faster than Cray-Pas.) Take out the tray when the bits are just melted. If they liquefy too much, the disks will come out a dull brown color.
  3. Remove the baking tray from the oven, using mitts. Leave the crayons to cool and harden completely, then carefully remove the crayons from the liners or molds.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Facebook Fan Giveaway - Set of Oobi Owl PJs!

There were 77 participants to our recent Facebook giveaway celebrating us crossing our 600th fan mark. In celebration, we are giving away a set of adorable Oobi PJ in their vintage owl print.

Want to know who is the random lucky fan for this giveaway? Take a look at the video below!

Congratulations to the lucky baby with the number above who won our giveaway. Please contact me here and I will follow up with you on your win! =)
Congrats! xoxo

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Deadline extended till 10 April - Pupsik Baby Pouch Contest!!

We will be extending the deadline for entries to 10 April as I know some of you need a little more time. So if you have not sent us a pic of your little one, please do so NOW! Please send the pic to xoxoo

It is with very great excitement that I announce the search for our Pupsik baby in a pouch this year! This is the second time we are organising this. To be honest, we love doing this again cos we get such a big kick and utter satisfaction out of you sending us pictures of your adorable babies in our pouches that is hard to let the opportunity pass by this year!

If you were following this search last year, you would know of our lovely winners - Baby Hannah, Baby Jey and Baby Raeann, (above from left to right). This year, we will again have 3 lovely babies to walk away with a bunch of prizes that even I (the organiser) would like to win. The prizes includes photo packages generously sponsored by creative photostudios specialising in children/family photography such as Pink Elephant Labs and Studio Loft. In addition the winners will get to walk away with a new pouch of their choice from our new range of reversible pouches (launch date TBC) and a bunch of other prizes from our partners this year.

And if you are in need of a little persuasion to enter your little one for this contest, let me give you 3 good reasons why you should:

1. Everyone is a winner! Unlike the usual big magazine contests when you send in a picture and never hear back, you can be sure that everyone is a winner in this "contest". All entries will receive a $10 gift voucher that you can use to redeem from our store (terms apply).

2. You decide who wins! Call this our own version of American Idol if you like but we would like you, the mommy/daddy/grandma/grandpa/friend/ vote for our winners this year! Since this is more for fun, rather than creating unneccessary competition, the actual results of the voting will be confidential and we will only be announcing the winners with the highest number of votes . So, if you have a lot of computers, family members, fans and friends rooting for your kiddo, I say your chance of winning is incredibly high. =))

2. In the name of fun! We will be sharing the pictures (unless you do not want us to) in an online photogallery that we are creating. Not only will this precious and intimate moment of you and your child be captured together with us for a long time to come, this is also a fun and great way to share your babywearing journey with hundreds of others who have yet to discover the joy and benefits of babywearing!

I hope the above will convince you to join us this year! If so, please email your favourite picture(s) of your little one in a pouch to us at with the subject heading "Pupsik in a Pouch 2010". Please let us know you and your baby's name. It will be great if you could include a few words with your entry to tell us why you like our baby pouch carriers.

You can be as creative as possible and send in as many pictures (funny, sweet, adorable, memorable) of your little one in a pouch. There is no age limit and if you entered last year, you can enter again this year as long as you are sending in a new photograph. If you have submitted multiple pictures, we will select one photo for the final voting exercise.

The deadline for entries is 30 March 2010.

I hope everyone can make this as fun as possible again this year. Thanks again and let the pictures roll! xoxo

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Truffel Tree

I was really excited when Xin of Truffel Tree contacted me a few weeks ago to tell me about her lovely handmade plushies. I fell in love instantly with the simple aesthetic and whimsical nature of her soft toys. Xin is a Singaporean mom living in the UK and she had bought a beansprout pillow from Pupsik Studio previously.

Ever since I got Alexi last year, I have been searching for suitable friends to join him and the rest if the gang on the shelf. I hence asked Xin if she could make me a toy to be named after my one year old, Nadya. I happily sent her a picture of Nadya as a "design brief" for the soft toy.
Immediately after sending the pic, I wondered if I was asking too much of Xin in sending her the photograph of a human baby and asking her to "make a soft toy out of it". Anyway, to cut a long story short, an envelope arrived from the UK 2 weeks later with a cotton sleeve and I literally squealed in delight when I saw what was inside!
Xin had transformed the picture I sent her of Nadya into a thumb sucking elf in a bear suit. She had also sewn a magnet in the paw of the elf and the mouth so you can actually detach the hand from the mouth. How clever!
The elf, named Plum, came with this note: " Look who's fallen under the truffle tree!...Plum has been a very busy elf, playing hide-and-seek with the big scary bears. Good thing she has her magic flying cape with her - having an imagination can be exhausting".
Plum even has a back pocket that is designed to hold little memories. I am printing a small picture of Nadya in the bear suit and sticking it in the pocket together with Plum's little friend.
And Xin was so sweet to send me another of her beautiful creations called "The Anonymous Rabbit". This gorgeous rabbit is made from soft, plain white calico cotton and firmly stuffed with new polyester filler. It has a simple fine embroidery thread running along the entire edge of the rabbit. I love how simple this rabbit looks with all its thoughtful intricate details and how soft (yet firm) it feels and stands on its own. Xin also embroidered the butt of the rabbit with my daughter's name!
So here is is, the new gang on the shelf! Looks like there is space for at least 2 more friends up there! Thanks Xin for these wonderful creations! xoxo

"Plum" and "The Anonymous Rabbit" are now available on Xin's etsy store, Truffel Tree. Do visit and support her beautiful creations!

ps: Xin and I are working together on a new toy that I hope will be available under The Fair section of Pupsik Studio soon. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tip Toey Joey

Being a mom of 2 girls (one of which just only learnt to walk), I have to say that it is not very easy finding a good pair of walking shoes in Singapore that is comfortable and simple/versatile in design. I have been hunting for the pre-walker (age 1-2) equivalent of Birkenstocks or Ecco as I know how important it is to have comfortable shoes when the little one is just learning to walk. I finally found my answer in Tip Toey Joey...

Tip Toey Joey shoes
are high-quality shoes specially designed for growing feet with thin rubber soles and “stretching heel”. Arguably the most “healthy” baby shoes on the market, Tip Toey Joeys are soft and non restrictive all over to support and protect baby’s very soft and malleable foot bones – bones that grow faster during baby’s first three years of life than at any other time.

Crafted of soft, 100% genuine leather inside and out, they allow baby’s feet to breathe, grow without restriction, flex naturally – and feel deliciously comfortable! But unlike other leather baby shoes, they feature a contoured design to match the shape of baby’s feet, an exclusive stretching heel for ease and fit, and a thin rubber sole that gives new walkers grip and protection while still allowing them to sense irregularities in the ground – something that’s essential for the natural development of foot muscles, balance and posture. Plus – elastic laces that never come undone, and allow the shoe to custom-adjust to baby’s foot.

These are high-quality, eye-catching shoes for those who demand the very best for their baby’s feet. I also love that there is a good range of colours and designs to cater to both boys and girls, whether you are looking for something casual or formal.

Tip Toey Joey are available at $68 on Pupsik Studio. They probably cost slightly more than your average shoe but is worth every cent considering your child will be wearing them much more often than any other clothing item they own, if not every day. You will instantly notice how differently your toddler walks in a good pair of shoes that is designed to give the right kind of support that is comfortable and allows them to feel the ground at the same time. The well constructed leather shoe (ohh...did I mention how wonderful it smells?) also means that it is made to last so you can keep it for your next one or another lucky child.

Product Review - Lil' Rinser

Word got out that I have a 3 year old who hates having her head wet in the shower so I was recently given the Lil' Rinser as a gift recently to help make bathtime a little more fun.

Designed by a dad, the Lil' Rinser has a soft rim that contours to fit a 12 month old toddler's head (all the way to adults). This rim forms a gutter that completely channels water away from faces when you pour water down the head. This rinser comes with a convenient handle which you can hold on easily to. I've seen a few other rinsers out there but they usually look quite flimsy and leaks, unlike the Lil' Rinser that is designed to really work! The video below shows it all.

Vera loves putting on the rim as a hat while in the bath and loves it when the water from the showerhead runs to the back of her head (instead of the front) like magic! 12 month old Nadya loves doing the same when she sees her older sister putting on the "magic hat" in the bath.

The Lil' Rinser is available at $28.50 in a few outlying shopping malls in Singapore.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Elly on Pupsik Studio

Pupsik Studio would like to welcome on board Elly, a new collection of lovely, one-of-a-kind dresses for your little girl.

Elly is designed by London-based Singaporean Audrey Ng. She started Elly when she found that she couldn't find that perfect dress to give her friends and relatives who had little girls. She loves spending every minute outside of her mundane 9-5 desk job designing for Elly.

This label is about comfortable and eye-catching fabrics made into designs which are comfortable to play and dance in and, more importantly, pretty at the same time. The unique designs are all made from the highest quality 100% designer cotton ranging from ultra modern to sweet vintage and are wonderful for play.

Every little girl has her personal favourite, be it the Wonderland dress in Zoology or pink scooters, or the Twinkle dress in Meadow in Pink. Some like playful while some like sweet! Whatever it is, you are sure to find the perfect Elly dress for your little girl.

Elly's one-of-a-kind collection sells out really fast so do get one before they are gone as fabrics are limited!

Well done, Audrey!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On

We have just added a new section on Pupsik Studio called The Nursery and have included new items such as the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster and handcrafted monograms.

From now till 14 Feb, enter discount code BLOGKC to take $2 off these vibrant nursery posters.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Product Review: 2-in-1 Potette Plus

I have to admit that one of the reservations I had about starting to potty train Vera when she turned 2 was having to deal with her having to pee in the most inconvenient place. I mean, putting her on diapers simply means that I would not have to worry about her doing her business anywhere and anytime. What would I have to do if she asks to go when she in a car or a place that does not have a sanitory toilet?
The 2-in-1 Potette Plus solves this problem that I am sure many moms like me fret about when their kids reach potty training age. Designed as a portable potty and trainer seat all in one, this simple but extremly practical patented design can be used both as a folding potty with a disposable bag and also as a trainer seat for the adult toilet.

When not in use, the potty folds down compactly and an be placed under your stroller or back of the car when on the go. The patented disposable liners are super absorbent (it absorbs up to 150ml of liquid!), leak proof and easy to use. I cannot tell you how many times the potette plus has been a life saver on trips out with my 3 year old. Another plus point is she enjoys peeing on the pottete (esp in the car) so much that this contraption actually helped in the potty training process by making it fun! It is no wonder this practical product is a winner of numerous parenting awards.

Special features of the potette plus include:

-Contoured seat for your child's comfort
-Sturdy well-balanced base helps your child feel secure
-Legs lock into place when opened
-Folds flat so it can fit in a purse or diaper bag
-A great potty to keep in your car, boat, camper or RV
-Uses self-absorbing, disposable liners that discard like a diaper
-Disposable liners hold up to 5 ounces of liquid
-Liners are lightly scented to absorb odors
-Liner handles secure to the potty and tie closed for disposal
-Drawstring carrying bag included
-Comes with three super absorbent, leak-proof and easy-to-use disposable liners
-When used as a travel potty, suitable for ages 15 months and up to 50 lbs.
-Easily converts to a folding trainer seat suitable for children 2 years and up to 50 lbs.
-Non-slip, durable, and comfortable
-Hygienic -- can be used on all toilet seats
-Fold close after use and store
-Dimensions when Fully Open with Legs Extended: 9.875"L x 8.75"W x 4.875"H
-Dimensions when Folded Flat: 9.125"L x 8.75"W x 2.75"H
-Dimensions when Open as a Trainer Seat: 14.25"L x 8.75"W x 2.75"H

The 2-in-1 Potette Plus is now available in a gender neutral sanitory White HERE on Pupsik Studio. Each purchase comes with disposable liners. You can purchase additional liners separately.

For a limited time only, enter the discount code PUPSIKBLOG to enjoy 10% off the Potette Plus and additional liners. Happy Toilet Training!