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Friday, September 5, 2008

Petite Palate

I would definitely order this if they shipped to Singapore but unfortunately, due to the perishable nature of this product, they don't. So I am posting this on Pupsik Studio as a business idea for any mom who has a passion for food and cooking and wants to start a business offering something like this in Singapore. I really think it is a great idea but will not be able to execute something like this cos I don't really have a thing for cooking. Designing the packaging for something like this would excite me more. Petite Palate was started by 2 moms who were trained as chefs. They started off by perfecting their own infant baby food together over playdates when their sons were very young. Once friends found out what these moms were doing, they begged them to make some for baby gifts, christenings, showers, birthdays etc. Today, Petite Palate has grown into a full-fledged business and is dedicated to providing fresh, organic, superior tasting meals for infants and toddlers that are packed full of wholesome nutrients. Here is their philosophy on food:

"Petite Palate wants to change the way we feed our infants and children. Most parents start out by giving their babies jarred baby food. The jarring process (heating to high temperatures until sterilized and shelf stable), destroys many of the vitamins and nutrients that occur naturally in the food. In order to bolster the nutritional value of the jarred food, common practice is to add vitamin and mineral additives after cooking that did not come from the food itself. Petite Palate’s meals, on the other hand, are Flash Frozen, which maintains the food’s own nutritional content while sustaining the shelf life (frozen).

Petite Palate knows that infants are born with taste buds that need to be nurtured from the very first taste of solid food. We believe in the French tradition of small meals with big flavor. This leads to a positive relationship with food (as opposed to large portions of bland foods typically served). If presented as early as possible, children will grow up with better eating habits, reducing the incidence of child obesity and a number of health problems. Petite Palate also believes that with a highly developed palate, older children will choose nutritious foods over fried and processed ones; setting healthy habits for their entire lives. "

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Homemade Baby

I am sure that all parents want the best for their babies when it comes to food. Homemade Baby gives parents just that with their handcooked, certified organic and healthy chemical free baby food.

Homemade Baby's baby food arrives at your doorstep with clear instructions on how to serve. A definite lifesaver if you travel alot or are a full-time working mom. Homemade Baby even has a 'Yummy Tummy Club' that you can join and have baby food delivered to your door every week. How I wish we had something like this in Singapore! Love the packaging too!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

How to develop healthy eating habits in your baby

1. Don't overfeed your baby. Watch for cues that he's full.

2. Don't try to make your child eat food he doesn't like. Respect his preferences and avoid power struggles over food.

3. Try to provide a balance of protein, carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. Use sweets, salts, and fats in moderation.

4. Avoid fast food for as long as possible.

5. Don't bribe or reward your child with food. Instead, offer plenty of hugs, kisses, and attention.

6. Feed your baby in his highchair whenever possible, rather than in front of the television or on the go.

{advice from Babycentre}

Friday, May 25, 2007


double click on image to view video

Bananas are a great first food for your baby. Research indicates that bananas and their mucosal properties actually help coat the tummy and help aid in digestion. Bananas are sweet, which may help baby more readily accept the first food experience.

Learn more about bananas and if it's true that sweet fruits and veggies should not be introduced first at Wholesomebabyfood.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fresh Baby Food Trays

I usually prepare Vera's food at the beginning of the week and store them up in my Fresh Baby container in the freezer. This container is pretty much like an ice cube tray, except that it has a cover to prevent the pureed food from spilling out and food odours from getting in. When it is time for her meal, I would de-frost the cube. 1 cube = 1 ounce serving. Very simple and convenient!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Wild Rocket

Mommy and I went to Wild Rocket this afternoon with Auntie Yueh Bing. We had a wonderful time there. The place was beautifully done up and the food was excellent. One of the waiters, Uncle Sam, even carried me around the restaurant and played with me while mommy had her lunch. Thanks Uncle Sam!

And to Chef Uncle Willin, we are so happy that you have pursued your dreams and are so passionate in what you do. Mommy still remembers you cooking for her and your friends at Sentosa chalet for free. Now she must pay. hahaha...Keep up the good food!

{picture from left: Mommy, me and Aunty Yueh Bing at Wild Rocket}

Monday, May 14, 2007

Vera likes oatmeal!

We introduced Vera to oatmeal cereal today. She really loved it! As usual, she gave a "Yucks!! Are your seriously feeding me this??" look when we fed her the first spoonfool but by the end of it, she was literally licking the spoon and asking for more that I dashed to give her a second serving. Success!

This is what we gave her. I tried it myself. It is delicious!

The kids survival kit

I chanced upon this design by David Granath recently. His design task during a 2-day workshop with IDEO was to identify a behaviourial problem connected to food and from that design a product. The objective is not to solve the problem (not that he could) but to bring light on the behaviour itself. The behaviour he picked was the battle between parent and child, where the parent try to control the child through the food and the child is testing boundries by refusing.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Food trays

I finally got my act together and drove to the organic grocer's for some apples, pears and bananas. The organic fruits were almost 3 times the price of the "normal" ones but I decided that Vera deserves nothing less than organic. Especially in the first year. After that, she will pretty much eat what the rest of us eats but first year on earth, Food = mommy's milk + pesticide free organic food.

It was lots of fun blending the fruits in the mini-blender and distributing it in the food trays for freezing. Each fruit made 3-4 servings. So we are set for the next 10-12 days.

Vera had her first serving of puree pear. She is slowly leaning to open her mouth and chew a little. but she didn't seem to like the pear all that much. I read somewhere that it is normal for babies not to like semi-solids all that much when they are first introduced to it as it is quite different to milk.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Suggested ages for introducing allergenic foods

You can find more information on food allergies on AskDrSears

Introducing Semi-Solids

We started Vera with semi-solids a week ago at 6 months. Before that, she was breastfed exclusively. As recommended by most websites I came across, organic rice cereal mixed with breast milk was what we start with.

You should have seen the shocked look on Vera's face when we first gave her her first spoonful of rice cereal. "Stunned". She literally froze and stared at us without moving her mouth. Then slowly, she began to chew. By the end of the feeding session, she was really into the rice cereal and even snatching the spoon from us.

However, just about a few days ago, we could tell she was getting bored with the rice cereal. So we decided that it is probably time to introduce something else. I did some research on the web and found out that other starter foods like pears, banana and applesauce are recommended at 6 months.

I will try this a new fuit recipe on her at lunch today.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happiness in a box

These pretty little things from Gobi are actually delightfully (or disturbingly) delicious! A friend of mine gave a box to me as a treat when Vera was born and I was so excited about it that I ordered almost a hundred boxes to give away during Vera's 1st month celebrations. Beautiful packaging!

Gobi recently opened a new retail outlet at Central. Be sure to check them out!
[pictures above from their Fantasy range]